tips to get cheap ticket


tips to get cheap ticket
try to Buy Early in peak travel periods, choose the right time.
Don't book the first fare. Shop Around , Start your deep search it is your money.
Dress To Influence ; Upgrade For Regular Frequent Flyers.

get cheap ticket

1. Buy Early
Especially during peak travel periods, making reservations late in the game can cost you a lot of money.

 Airline ticket prices typically go up in the last two weeks before flying, so if you're planning ahead, try to make the call before this deadline.

 And if you're traveling internationally, you'll want to book even earlier -- from three to six months in advance -- for the best deals. However, sometimes you can get lucky if you wait, which brings us to:

2. Buy Late
Often you can buy tickets at the very last minute for a great price, if the airlines have failed to fill their planes. Many airlines offer weekly newsletters that feature their best last-minute deals.

You can also find many of them listed in our Travel Deals section, or at specialized sites like

If you can stand the suspense, and if you are flexible with your itinerary and dates, you can find fantastic money-savers to very attractive travel destinations.

For more info, see Best Bets for Booking a Last-Minute Trip.

3. Shop Around
No matter how good it sounds, you should never book the first fare you see. Start your search by checking a few of the major online travel providers:

like, aggregator sites like TripAdvisor Flights or consolidators like Airfarewatchdog is another good source of low fares.

Checking these sites will give you a preliminary idea of which airlines fly your particular itinerary, what the going rate is and what restrictions might apply.

Armed with this information, you can head directly to the airline Web site to see if the same flights are any cheaper (some airlines guarantee to offer the lowest possible fares on their own Web sites).

While you're there, check to see if the airline is running any sales or promotions to your destination.

If you don't see anything in your preferred price range, don't be afraid to bide your time and watch the fares for a bit. Most major booking sites have alert features that will e-mail you when your fare drops to a price you're willing to pay.

 16 Ways to Get Through the Airport Faster

4. Know When to Buy
The hardest part of booking a flight is knowing when to stop tracking fares and make that final purchase. If you're flying within the U.S.

or to select international destinations, Bing Travel ( can help you reach that decision, offering fare predictions for most major cities.

Just plug in your itinerary and the site will advise you either to book now or to wait, depending on whether the fare is expected to rise or drop.

Another useful site is the aforementioned, which offers fare history graphs for domestic and international flights, allowing you to see whether your fare is headed in an upward or downward direction.

Finally, keep in mind that many airlines launch fare sales on Tuesdays -- so if you decide to buy on a Monday, you may be gnashing your teeth when your destination goes on sale the next day.

5. Be Flexible
If you live close to more than one airport, check out the fares from all of the airports near you. Many online fare searching engines will ask you if you are willing to depart from or arrive in more than one city.

Yes! Also, experiment with different travel dates; shifting your itinerary by a month, a week or even a few days can make a significant difference in fares.

You'll usually find the lowest fares for travel on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Keep in mind that just about every destination has a peak season -- and if you can fly any other time of year, you'll often pay significantly less.

 12 Places That Shine in Shoulder Season

6. Don't Forget the Discounters
As their nickname suggests, discount airlines can save you a bundle, but they're not always easy to find. Luckily for consumers.

 discounters are cropping up more frequently on aggregators and booking sites (Kayak now offers fares for JetBlue, Spirit and AirTran, for example) -- but there are still a few holdouts.

 such as Southwest and Allegiant Air, whose fares can't be found anywhere but their own Web sites.

If you're traveling outside the U.S., don't forget to check the international discount airlines as well.

7. Use Your Frequent Flier Miles
Use Your Frequent Flier MilesWhy pay a fare at all when you can use your frequent flier miles? Although redeeming miles has gotten more difficult in recent years, it's still a good option to consider.

 particularly if you're booking early; airlines designate a very limited number of seats on each flight as eligible for award travel, and these seats go quickly.

 For more on redeeming your miles, check out Frequent Flier Miles: How to Use 'Em, Not Lose 'Em.

8. Get a Refund When Fares Go Down
If fares go down after you've purchased your ticket, ask for a refund! You may not always get one, but policies vary by airline -- and many do not publicize the fact that they will refund you the difference if prices go down. It can't hurt to ask. will track flights for you after you purchase and notify you if the fares go down. has a Price Assurance guarantee, which entitles you to a refund if another Orbitz user books the same itinerary for less.

 Where Do You Find the Best Airfares?

9. Consider an Air Pass
In order to promote tourism in their countries, many national airlines offer air passes at reduced rates for tourists.

 If you're planning to do extensive travel in one country or region, an air pass might be your most cost-effective option.

For example, Qantas offers an Aussie AirPass for travel throughout Australia. For more information, see our guide to air passes. Planning an even bigger trip? Look into around-the-world tickets and fares.

10. Check for Deals and Discounts
Don't forget to check our comprehensive Travel Deals for the latest fare sales -- we post new ones every weekday.

 If you or your traveling companions are senior citizens or children, you'll want to take a peek at our senior and family areas as well.


5 Top English Castles to Visit

Great Britain is full of castles which are steeped in history and legend. Over the years they have been visited by people from all walks of life from all over the world. The popularity of visiting castles has recently increased due to the highly popular TV show "Game of Thrones" which is based on George R.R. Martin's best-selling fantasy novels which draw inspiration from British history.

Some of the most popular castles to visit include:

Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle was built in 1068 and is located in Warwickshire England. Up until 25 years ago, generations of Earls of Warwick lived in the castle. It is famous for is jousting and today you can visit the castle and see a re-enactment.

One of the world's largest working catapults has been built in the grounds of Warwick Castle. This catapult which in its day was known as a trebuchet can hurl a 150kg boulder over 300 metres and travel at speeds of more than 250 km per hour. Today you can visit the caste and join in with many interactive attractions and events which go on through out the year.

Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle is the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world. It is 900 years old and is much more than just a castle. On the grounds of the castle there are several homes, a large church and also a royal palace. The Castle is situated on a cliff overlooking the Thames 20 miles west of London. It was built strictly for defense and the site was chosen because it was a day's march from the Tower of London. Today it is the weekend home of Queen Elizabeth II.

Hampton Court Castle

Hampton Court Castle is a 15th century medieval castle located a few miles from London in the countryside of Herefordshire. The estate consists of 1,000 acres with beautiful elaborate award winning gardens. The Castle is open to the public but can also be hired to hold weddings or other events. The building was established in 1434, but was renovated in the 1900's.

Leeds Castle

Leeds castle is located in Kent and has been open to the public since 1976. It is surrounded by a moat and 500 acres of gardens. It is at least 900 years old and originally built as a Saxon Manor in 857 AD. Over the years it has been home to many Kings and Queens of England including Queen Isabella, Edward III and most famously Henry VIII. King Henry VIII converted the Castle into a Royal Palace which is listed in the Domesday Book. Today it is looked after by the Leeds Castle Foundation and can be hired to hold idyllic weddings.

Tower of London Castle

The tower of London is a castle on the north bank of River Thames in the middle of London. Steeped in history, the Tower of London is one of the most popular attractions to visit in London. The real name of the Tower is actually called Her Majesty's Royal Palace And Fortress, The Tower Of London. Originally it was built as a Royal Palace and defensive fortress, and built by William The Conqueror.

During World War II it was used as a Prisoner Of War camp. Queen Anne Boleyn was beheaded in 1536 and many more followed. The last execution took place on August 14 1941, when Josef Jakobs, a German spy, was shot by a firing squad. For centuries the Tower has been home to the crown jewels which are estimated to worth at least 20 billion GBP.

There are many more castles worth a visit in Great Britain. It all depends on where you are staying or are prepared to travel to. Each and every Castle has its own unique history and will make a great day out for the whole family.

Mind the Gap Tours offer fully guided Windsor Castle Tours and Hampton Court Palace Tours from London.

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How To Travel Like A Flight Attendant

Before I begin each trip, I plan ahead what I want to wear and bring on my journey. For 2-4 day trips I will carry 2-3 outfits, and 2 pairs of shoes. For overnight trips, I carry as less as possible.

Other things to do before your trip:

* Check the weather of your destination
* Have at least 3 contact numbers written down
* Copy of your ID or passport
* Make sure your luggage is the proper size for a carry on

How to Pack Like a Pro:

There are several videos on YouTube that you can watch... We love YouTube it is a great resource tool.

* Place your shoes in a shoebag and place them at the bottom of your luggage
* Roll your pants and blouses and skirts
* For dresses, I like to put them in that plastic that you get from the cleaners and fold them over once and place on top of everything else.
* Don't forget your pajamas or lounge wear
* Bring a swimsuit, you never know, you may want to get in the jacuzzi at the hotel
* Don't bring your expensive jewelry
* Always bring a tote bag for toiletries and water bottles, etc.
* Carry handwipes
* Bring your own headphones

Travel Tips:

* If your bag is oversized, you can check it at the gate as a courtesy
* Check in for your flight online if possible
* Arrive at airport early at least 1 -3 hours before your boarding time
* Get through security quickly by enrolling in TSA Pre-check, go to TSA.Gov website
* Don't post your travel itinerary on social media
* Make sure your luggage has your name, address and phone number
* Do not place your wallet or computer in the seatback pocket
* Carry an empty water bottle
* Always bring a sweater or travel blanket, a lot of airlines dont provide them
* Onboard the airplane, always know your nearest emergency exit location

At The Hotel:

* Always be friendly to hotel staff, ask for a possible free upgrade. Give them a small gift of appreciation
* Join the hotels rewards program
* Do not place luggage on the floor ~ Use the luggage rack
* Check bed for bed bugs
* Sanitize the remote control
* Ask the hotel desk where is the nearest drug store or hospital, in case of emergency
* Always know your nearest exit location out of the hotel

How To Prevent Jet Lag:

* Get plenty of rest before your trip
* Take frequent naps
* Drink plenty of water
* Do not take any sleep aids while onboard the aircraft

Now you are well prepared for your next journey, we wish you a safe and wonderful trip!

Please download our app on the App store or on iTunes for more great tips and resources. You can use the app as a handy tool everytime you travel. There's a lot of things to remember when you travel; so we want you to be well prepared each and every time you travel.

Click here to go to our mobile app page on iTunes:

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International Touring: A Concise Guide to Pre Plan Your Travel

All you need to make your tour enthralling, is to plan with tact and perfection beforehand. For this you must know some very important aspects. Here are some of these tips to guide you through.

How to set your backpack

So that you don't forget or miss the vital stuffs and things you may require during an emergency at your travel destinations and also to keep the luggage smart and light, here are few pointers to follow.

1. Avoid carrying many valuables, still if necessary see for places to conceal them.

2. Keep your pack light by removing excess clothing, accessories like extra shoes, heavy dresses, etc. This would help in easy mobility and give you a free hand when needed.

3. Preferably take one carry-along and one check-in luggage possibly with wheels and save on taxi fares as taxi drivers in many countries charge for every single luggage.

4. Use covered tags on your luggage to escape the casual opinion of your identity and nationality and even mark them with coloured stickers to avoid loss.

5. For short trips, buy toiletries in small-size containers and use all the pouches and compartments available in your luggage to put some items.

6. To keep a continued eye on belongings like IDs, tickets, passports and other important documents, avoid stuffing them in backpacks or check-in luggage.

How to book your travel

Before planning to travel abroad, a very important thing is to buy flight tickets. Options for purchasing international flights are plenty making it hard for you to know if you are getting the best deal.

1. So you may visit a particular airline's website, search for fares and book international tickets using frequent flier program directly from the airline.

2. Use airfare aggregator to compare and get best available fares over a long period of time.

3. For highly complicated travel plans like many different continents in haphazard order along with stay, local travel, sightseeing and etc., do consult a travel agency.

Some other important aspects

1. Check on all required travel documents before you start, keep a set of photocopies of all the journey documents at home to help you if originals are lost or stolen.

2. Prepare yourself to handle money overseas and learn about the travel alerts and warnings for the destination you are travelling to. Even learn about the local customs and laws.

All these are only a few pointers among the elaborate guidelines available over the internet and in guide books which you must know before you travel abroad to help you be tension free and enjoy your trip thoroughly.

Leon Grant has performed a series of interview with many online travel agencies around the world. He found that the inquiries and demand for the best airfare to London, Paris and Bangkok are huge, coming from all over the globe.

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The Cathay Pacific Experience - Cathay Pacific Business Class

It is considered as one of the world's premium airlines and is known to have service above anyone's standards. It also won the Best Airline Transpacific and Best First Class Airline Seat at the 2011 Skytrax Awards.

First class: The Cathay Pacific First Class is a sight to behold. The passengers enjoy fully lie-flat seats in their own private cubicles, noise cancelling headsets and special made-to-order meals which they can avail whenever they feel like it. Each cubicle has a 17 inch video screen with audio and video on demand. On the ground there is a dedicated check-in, VIP lounges and for long haul flights there are pajamas and amenity kits for everyone.

Business Class: The Cathay Pacific Business Class passengers enjoy noise cancelling headsets, complimentary meals and a 15.4 inch video screen with audio and video on demand. Their on the ground services include lounges, dedicated check-in counters and amenity kits for long haul flights. The new Cathay Pacific Business Class products on Boeing 7777-300ER and Airus A330-300 feature a large flatbed along with iPod and USB ports.

Premium Economy: these passengers enjoy a wide, comfortable seat which is 6 inches more than the Economy class. The seat is wider, more comfortable and has a deeper recline. The seat also includes a footrest, a person entertainment set and an on-set power port connector for personal devices. On the ground they have priority dedicated check-in counters and priority boarding before the Economy class.

Economy Class: on long-haul flights, these passengers enjoy fixed back shell seats with a 9 inch wide entertainment system. The video and audio are available on demand, and depending on the length of the flight there are complimentary meals or snacks. For an extra fee, the passengers can avail the exit row seats with extra leg room.

Food and drink: the meals and snack service are complimentary depending on the duration of the flight and your class of travel. The first class passengers can choose their own meals and dine anytime they wish. The dinner includes a caviar service and generous helpings of premium champagne. The Cathay Pacific Business Class is offered a multi-course meal.

Entertainment: the long haul aircraft make sure that everyone has something to keep themselves entertained, which is why they have audio and video on demand. There are more than 100 movies, 500 TV programs, 888 CDs and 22 radio channels and games. There is something for every age group. Movies are available on all flights that exceed 2 hours and 40 minutes flying time.

In-flight technology: long haul passengers have access to 110v AC power outlets. There are ports for the passengers to plug their personal devices in and also charge them. There are certain aircraft which offer satellite phone service for free.

I always prefer to fly in Cathay Pacific business class because of their high class services, elegance, comfort and fine culinary services along with other amenities, for me business class is the right class.

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